Monday, August 10, 2009

Well, the fox was back today...such a cute little fella!
He was rather itchy today...I'm sure it's bug bites...between the mosquitos, black flies, deer flies, and horse flies, you're bound to get one or two bites :op.

Something has caught his attention and he's off to go investigate...

Uh, one more scratch first...
He's having a hard time finding the itch.....until......
Ahhhh, there it is!
What a character! I made my Bolognese Pasta Sauce last night for dinner and I was heating up the leftovers for our lunch today and I just happened to have the kitchen window open and so I'm sure that's the reason for his visit today...he had his little black velvety nose up in the air trying to get a little whiff through the window ;o)

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alcatmom said...

Not just bug bites - don't forget the one issue all the poor outdoor creatures deal with - fleas! I always feel bad for my poor squirrels when they are scratching so much.