Friday, August 07, 2009

~ Family of Raccoons ~
(photo is "clickable" for a larger view)
Well, here is what we woke up to yesterday morning minus 2(they are on the other side of the tree)...hubby heard a funny noise coming from outside so we all went to look and saw 1 little raccoon race by down the driveway and into the bush...then out came a single file line of 7 more stripey tails and masked faces! 1 Mama Raccoon and 7 Baby Raccoons all in a row! We couldn't believe it...Mama was pretty cautious and obviously extremely protective...she made sure all the babies were with her wherever they went...we watched them for about 5 minutes going in and out of the bush and down the driveway all together...expect that last little fella..he kept trying to go off on his own but Mama made sure to keep an eye on him...I wonder if they'll make another appearance today? We had a Bear Cub in the yard the other day...came right up on our front deck...I'm not too happy about that. We have our 3 Foxes that visit multiple times a day, and now the big family of Raccoons! What's next? I'm almost afraid to ask...