Thursday, August 09, 2007

Knitting with Bernat Cotton Stripes & Cotton Twists

Here is the "Baby Fern" cloth I did using my new Self Striping Cotton.

I think this Baby Fern pattern with this cotton stripes yarn would make some nice baby washcloths...I love these soft colours together in the cloth!
Here is a list of other patterns that I would like to try with the cotton stripes:
~Scallop Pattern
~Two-Way Dishcloth
~Feather & Fan (purling on row 7 instead of knitting though)

Here is my Pretty Pink Pineapple that I did using my new Cotton Twists.

This pretty crocheted Pineapple dishcloth pattern can be found here.

If you enjoy working with Pineapples, here is a list of some other really pretty pineapple patterns for you to check out:

~Elegant Pineapple Bookmark
~Pineapple Barbie Dress
~Pineapple Bonnet Needlecraft April 1925
~Pineapple Print Doily
~Pineapple Crinoline Lady Pattern($)
~Easy Pineapple Doily
~Flat Pineapple Angel
~Petite Pineapple Doily
~Pineapple & Ribbon Bookmark
~Pineapple Bookmark
~Starfish Pineapple Doily
~Soft Pineapple Soap Holder(very pretty)
~Pretty Pineapples Bookmark
~Pineapple Potholder
~Pineapple Swirls
~Pretty Pink Pineapples


Mary Anne said...

your fern cloth highlights the cotton stripes beautifully!. I like your crocheted pineapple also.

Rachel said...

Thank you Mary Anne!
It took a bit, because I wanted the baby fern to end on the I had to end it a little sooner than it called for in the pattern...I didn't like the green creeping in on the top of it...thought it looked more "finiished" ending on the white.

Rachel said...

Thanks Alli!
I just wish I had more time to try out MORE patterns with my new yarn!