Friday, April 04, 2008

a little something I've been working on......

I decided to do a little crocheting and make some more of my favourite small crocheted doilies/coasters. I crocheted 2 with pink and white crochet cotton thread size 10 and a size 1.15mm steel hook. Then I decided to try the same pattern out using my worsted weight pink and white cotton for dishcloths with a size F Hook and I was really happy with the way they all turned out!
Here are some pics of the finished doilies. Now I think I'll work with some blue and white next...which would match perfectly in my kitchen! If you are interested in the pattern for this small doily/coaster you can find it here from Jodhi, the PotHolder is an archived site and for some reason I haven't had much luck in the last few days viewing it, but if you keep trying it might work...if I find another link that works better for it I will be sure to post it here for you. The pattern calls for beads to be added on the last round, but I find adding a different colour works just as well! Very Pretty Pattern!! Make sure to click on the pics for a bigger and better look at them too :o)

This is the first one done with crochet cotton thread in pink with a white trim.

This is the second one I did with crochet cotton thread in white with a pink trim.

This is the first doily I made using 100% Worsted Weight Cotton and Size F Hook.

And here is the last one I made with the worsted weight cotton.

And of course this is a pic of all the doilies put together so you can see just how much bigger and smaller they are compared to eachother. I just love them!
Hugs For a Wonderful Weekend,