Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wish I had a magic wand so I could wave it and have all my Christmas duties magically done for me! Wouldn't that be nice? I've been busy knitting dishcloths and crocheting these beautiful coasters for Christmas gifts. These coasters are my ultimate favourite coaster pattern, not only because they are extremely fast and easy to do up, but because they are so pretty! I think they are nice enough to also be a little doily. The original pattern is from Jodhi, the Potholder Lady. In her version she has beads on the edge of them, but I'm a little intimidated by the whole "beading" thing, so I just chose to change the colour of the thread to accent the edge. I'm so happy with the way they turned out with the Christmas colours, I will be doing more for sure. I think that they would make a nice little coaster gift set for the teachers this year. The photos of my finished Christmas coasters/small doilies are below.

These are my ultimate favourite coasters to crochet, the pattern for these and more can be found here at The PotHolder Lady. It is an archived site, so be patient, it tends to take a little time and not all the photos load properly. Enjoy!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a "Christmas Pickle" contest hosted by Marilyn of "Marilyn's Knitting Heaven On Earth". She gave instructions to knit up her "Christmas Pickle" dishcloth, take a picture of it and email it to her. The first person to do this would be awarded with a knitting~related prize. I wasn't the first to enter my picture but I was a close second, and Marilyn decided to award me with a prize as well. What a wonderful woman! I was so happy, as I never win anything! Thank you Marilyn! Anyway, I just received my prize in the mail (a beautiful pattern book full of fun kids afghans and stuffed animals to do up). So thanks again!! I've posted the picture below of my winning (2nd place) "Christmas Pickle" dishcloth. I wasn't so thrilled with my colour choice, but that was the closest thing to "green" I could find!

My Finished Christmas Pickle Dishcloth!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Well, it's been a long two weeks. Still have that rotten cold, can't seem to shake it!! So not much energy lately! We celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend, and I don't think I can handle any more turkey!! I'm all turkeyed~out!! I haven't done much knitting lately either, just a couple of being the monthly knit~a~long, and the other being a dog dishcloth from Danielle Cote's site. I've been teaching my 8 year old how to knit. She's doing real well too! I'm surprised! She has completed a few projects already...she's real happy with herself! She just finished a little dishcloth the other day, now she's asked me to give her a "mystery" pattern to try. I think it's funny, she's like my little apprentice. Anyway, I've posted a picture of my finished October Knit~A~Long below....a kitty dishcloth! Kids will be home from school soon, so I should get my but in gear here, they will be starving!

My finished October Knit~A~Long!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, don't feel like doing much of anything today, still have the cold....kind of feel like just staying in my PJ's all day and curling up on the couch. I hate being sick! But instead of doing that, I decided to go on Danielle Cote's site, Knit Dishcloth Corner to try out some of those dishcloths I was talking about the other day, and to my surprise, the "Victoria" pattern had been translated, (which is what I was waiting for), so I got right to work, picking out the colours to use for it. I chose "white" and "faded denim" which is a verigated blue. I changed mine up a bit...instead of just using the white for the border and the middle garter stripe, I wanted to see what it would look like with all the garter stripes white. And I'm happy with my choice, I think it looks real nice. It's such an easy pattern that I'm going to try some more using different colour combinations. I love this one!! Anyway, got to go blow my nose again, here is the picture of my completed "Victoria" dishcloth!!

Here is my finished "Victoria" Dishcloth!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Feeling kind of tired today, not much energy, my kids have given me their cold!! Aren't mother's lucky?? I'm getting a little bored waiting for the next Knit~A~Long to begin, so I had a gander at the Knit Dishcloth Corner for a new pattern to do up. This is a French site with most of their patterns translated into English. It has to be one of the hardest sites to get into, I swear. It's obviously a very busy site!! But it has really nice patterns in it. When I finally was able to get into it, I found a lovely pattern called "Autumn" which I decided to do with my geranium cotton from the last KAL. It turned out alright, but it kind of took on an odd shape towards the end of the pattern. I don't know if it was the size of my needles or what, but I had to really work with it for the picture so it would look pretty. Maybe next time I will use bigger needles to give it a little more "give". Anyway, here is the picture of the dishcloth, the next couple from that site I would like to do are the "candles" and the "vineyard", I think they are both so pretty!!

My Finished Autumn Dishcloth
Done with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Geranium)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thank you to everyone for all their wonderful compliments on my dishcloths and my blog!! I'm new to the whole "blogging" thing, so it's nice to get a little recognition!! I appreciate it!! To be quite honest, I'm really enjoying this. It's actually inspiring me to do more knitting. The Knit~A~Long that I participated in was fun, and I'm looking forward to the next one in October...perhaps a halloween theme?? Anyway, I have posted some more pictures of dishcloths I did up with little houses in it from the Dishcloth Boutique. I really like the "house" theme when it comes to dishcloths, I'm always looking for new "house" patterns to incorporate into dishcloths. I have only found a few, but they're just not what I'm looking for...perhaps I just have to come up with my own creation!! So far my favourite out of the bunch is this one found at the Dishcloth Boutique, but there is another one here at Melissa's Knit Dishcloth Patterns Page, and then there is an afghan square that I was thinking of creating a dishcloth out of here at The three that I did up below here have a bigger border than the original one, which I put at the bottom so you could see the difference. I like a bigger border because I think it looks prettier and I also like a bigger cloth altogether because when they get washed and dried, they tend to shrink. I'd like to hear if anyone has any suggestions on any other "house" patterns that could be used for a dishcloth, as I'm always looking. Anyway, should get going, here are the photos of my "little houses" dishcloths.
And to the Knotty Kitty (you know who you are), I checked out your blog, glad it worked out for you, no thanks necessary! Thanks for the lovely referral!

Little Houses Dishcloth ~ Bigger Border (white)
Little Houses Dishcloth ~ Bigger Border (pink)
Little Houses Dishcloth ~ Bigger Border (burgandy)
This is the origianl pattern from the Dishcloth Boutique .

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm doing some more babysitting today, so again...not much time to do anything. I did get my very first dishcloth Knit~A~Long finished this morning though! I put a hanging loop on mine just for fun! I'm real happy with the pattern though, I think I will make more for sure...perhaps a set of them for someone for Christmas! Anyway, got to go, baby's waking up from her nap, thanks to the Monthy Dishcloths Knit~A~Long for the wonderful pattern, I enjoyed it! Here is the photo of my finished mid~September dishcloth!

My Very First Dishcloth Knit~A~Long Completed!
(Made with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I have a little more time on my hands babysitting and the kiddies are in school, so I was able to complete day #5 of my dishcloth Knit~A~Long, getting real close now! I was also able to post the photos of my latest finished project...Sunbonnet Sue Potholder that you can find at Carol's site. I'm so happy, it turned out real nice. Now she just needs her buddy, Sam! I couldn't seem to find any blue kitchen cotton, so he'll have to wait! I think that this double knitting technique is wonderful because it's like you are knitting two things up at the same time! If anyone is interested in this technique, there is a great tutorial video of it at Knitting . It's kind of awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's wonderful! There are a few sites out there with double~knit patterns, such as Country Doubles , Stitch Diva , and there's even a Double Knitting Group you can join if you'd like. Anyway, I should go do some housework now, here are the pictures of my finished Sunbonnet Sue Potholder!

The front of my Sunbonnet Sue Potholder

Monday, September 18, 2006

Here is my finished Garterlac Dishcloth !!!