Friday, May 08, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now & Signs Of Spring FINALLY!!
Well, I'm finally feeling like my old self again...that nasty cold bug has finally left me! I can breath again, I can hear again, and with all our wonderful Spring weather lately I feel sooooo full of life and energy! It's been such a long Winter for us...very long, very cold, and very depressing! I thought it never would end! I've been spending a lot of time outdoors these days, soaking up all that wonderful sunshine and fresh air! It's so nice to finally see some signs of Spring...there's new little buds on all the trees and plants...there's birds singing and squirrels playing...I love it! Here are some outside photos I took the other day...

These are little leaf blossoms that are just waiting to explode out of there little pockets...they're so neat to look at...they almost look like a flower or a berry or something but it's actually a whole pile of leaves smooshed together waiting to unfold and uncurl...nature is pretty neat...

I love seeing the colour green! It's so nice after all the blah browns we've been looking at for the longest time!

Here's a Northern Flicker making some noise at the top of one of our dying trees...

If you click on the photos you can see this pretty woodpecker...they make a really nice sound too when they talk to eachother...

In this one you can see the beautiful deep red stripe behind it's head as he's looking over his shoulder...

And here we have a nice plump red Robin!

Uh, and there's another one checking out Little Man's Construction Site...perhaps he's the foreman?

I spy with my little eye...something that is Green...

This poor little fella was having a real bad day...when I was raking up all the piles of leaves the other day, I noticed something fly out from under my rake as I made a swipe along the ground...when I took a closer look this is what I found...A frog! And such a wierd colour he was! I felt sooooo bad for flinging him by accident with the rake...I didn't know if I had killed him or what cuz he wasn't moving...his eyes were open but he didn't look good. My first instinct was to brush him off cuz he looked like a right mess but I just couldn't do it...I chickened out...he still gives me the shivers just looking at him...I mean, look at those fingers and toes! Ewwwww! Go ahead and click on the photos to see him real close me the heebie jeebies!

Anyway, I decided to just leave him there for a bit...I didn't want to scare him any more than he probably was. A little while later I had noticed that he was facing the other way so I figured he somehow moved all by himself...but he still just sat there for a while...I'm not sure if he was playing dead...perhaps that's their defense mechanism?

Now he's pretending that he's sleeping? Well after watching him for about 20 minutes I was getting was like waiting for water boil or paint to dry! So I went in the house to grab a drink and when I went back out to check on him...he was gone...and I mean gone! He must have motored out of the area all together cuz I looked all over the place thinking that he couldn't take off that quick...but he did...I imagine he probably ran home to tell his family about his awfully tramatic day with the big old mean lady with the green rake!
Hugs for a great weekend guys,