Friday, October 15, 2010

Hey Guys!

Get your needles and cotton ready...our next KAL is coming up! It will begin on Monday, October 18th!

This mystery dishcloth Knit Along has been designed by our Group Moderator, Marilyn Wallace with a Halloween theme to it! This will be one of Marilyn's Cryptic Message KALS! She has designed this dishcloth with a cryptic message in it that we have to try and figure out. There will be a little contest to go along with it as well! Naturally Marilyn and I will be excluded from this contest as the group owner and moderator, but everyone else is more than welcome to join along in the guessing fun!

* You must be a member of Rachel's Knitting Room Yahoo Group to be eligible to win the prize give away... Enjoy the Cryptic Message KAL & please feel free to join Rachel's group to be eligible for the prize :)

* There will be absolutely NO GUESSING ON THE GROUP...all guesses will have to be done privately by emailing Marilyn at

* There CAN NOT BE ANY POSTING OF PICTURES before the contest is over... this is a guessing contest and it will be spoiled if pictures are posted prior to Marilyn announcing the winner! AFTER the contest is over and the winner is announced, then please feel free to post your finished pics... thanks so much for understanding :)

* Submissions will ONLY be accepted AFTER the final rows of the kal have been posted.

* PLEASE put, "Cryptic Message Theme KAL Contest" in the subject line when submitting your answer to Marilyn.

* Only 1 guess per person will be allowed for this contest.

* It's not a race to see who guesses correctly first, as I have picked a random number without Marilyn knowing.

* Marilyn has graciously offered to send the winner of this contest a little prize. The Prize will be knitting related & your snail mail needs to be submitted to Marilyn privately upon notification of the winner within a week or another winner will have to be chosen.

For this pattern, Marilyn suggests size 4 mm short, circular needles (knit straight on them) or US#6...please feel free to use your straights if you do not have any circs...Marilyn always suggests knitting straight with your circular needles which is a really good tip so you never drop the other needle and also it's makes for a more compact project.

Please Note: If you are a loose knitter, I would strongly suggest a smaller needle size for you so your stitches really "POP" out better...especially if you are knitting letters!

You will all need 1 ball cotton yarn for a Dish Cloth OR 1 ball CottonTots for a soft, Spa Cloth. Any colour would work well, but it is strongly suggested to use a SOLID colour for the pattern to show up well.

Also, a quick little note to all our "lefties" in the group...this cloth will have lettering on it so you might want to read your pattern rows from right to left...just to let you know :o)

Hugs and Good Luck,

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