Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!
Here are some Valentine dishcloths that I have been working on. I did a little experimenting with some of them, using different colours for the borders and such! I even did a little crocheted heart's a little too stiff for my liking though, so I think I will use it as a hot pad or potholder.

My finished Valentine Theme Dishcloths!
Clockwise from the top centre:
Emily Jagos' Heart Dishcloth
Priscilla Hewitt's Textured Heart Kitchen Set
S.M. Kahn's Heart Lace Cloth

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I came across this "4 Corners Dishcloth" pattern on Abigail's site a while back and ever since, I can't stop making them! They are so quick and easy to do! They make any variagated cotton look beautiful! I actually tried experimenting using two different colours in a couple of them. Casting on was the only difficult part of this calls for an invisible cast on. I tried watching the video from knitting, but it just wasn't working for me, so I searched other sites for info on the invisible cast on, and came across this page. It was great, because it was a whole different method and a whole lot easier too! You use a crochet hook to chain and then pick~up your stitches from the chain onto your knitting needle, and when you are ready to "graft" your dishcloth, all you do is pull the chain to reveal your "live" stitches. Speaking of grafting, here is the site that I used to graft my dishcloths. Anyway, here are my finished dishcloths...go on...gather up all your variagated cotton and give them a try!

My very first 4 Corners Dishcloth done up in "Patio Pinks".

My second 4 Corners Dishcloth done up in "Lavender Ice".
My third 4 Corners Dischloth done up in "Lazy Daisy".

My fourth 4 Corners Dishcloth done up
in "Faded Denim" and "White" for the sides.
And my last 4 Corners Dishcloth done up
in "Blue Grass" and "Pale Yellow" for the corners.
Oh and by the way, Abigail is having a contest for these dishcloths.
If you knit a dishcloth, take a picture of it and send it to her.
The person who sends in the 100th dishcloth will win.
There is more info about it on her
Scroll down to where it says, "Stop the Presses!".