Friday, February 13, 2009

The Beauty of Winter?
Winter has NEVER been my favourite's too cold and in my opinion it lasts way too long. But I must admit that it really is beautiful at times...this morning while I was outside with the kids, I couldn't help but notice how pretty all the trees around us were after our last snowfall. I swear, EVERY single branch, stick, and needle was COMPLETELY smothered in the white looked so only wish is that the sun would come out so everything would sparkle nice...perhaps later on. Check out all the snowy photos...I left them big so you can click on them!

This one above is my favourite. If you click on it you can see all the snow hanging on the delicate can even see tiny little water droplets frozen on the ends of some of them.

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Golden Years Gal said...

Your winter snowy scene looks like ours today, March 1. Can't believe it cause I live in North Carolina. You'd think it would be sunny and warm since we are closer to Florida than Maine :)
I enjoy looking at your knitted dishcloths and have printed some for my knitting 84 year old mother.
I too knit but don't have enough time to devote to dishcloths. I am knitting Scottish socks, sweaters, coats, hats, mittens and socks. I just knit and shipped a Fair Isle sweater.
I'm going to wish for summer!