Friday, October 31, 2008

*** Enjoy & Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!! ***

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JoyB said...

Rachel thaks for directiing us over to your blog for the daily picsk today. Seems it has been awhile since I read your blog and I would have missed so much if you had not. Molly is just adorable. the offer is still open to send her top me LOL.Chocolate cake for breakfast huh? Don't tell Susan. She will be all over that.. I need to send her more chocolate.. I love all the holiday patterns you have posted since I was here last. Am going to be ordering some as soon as payday hits. I love your kitchen. It is very pretty. If I had mine to do over, I would do those same cabinets in a sage green. I love the look. OK off to prepare for trick or treaters. Have a great Halloween. Hugs. JoyB