Monday, May 19, 2008

~ The Newest Little Member of Our Family ~
~ Our Little Molly ~
For the last couple of weeks, we've been discussing getting a new pet for our family. A couple of years ago we lost our kitty, Allie when she got real sick. It was so sad and a really hard thing for all of us to go through, seeing her get sick and then losing her like we did...if it were up to the kids, we would have gotten a new little kitty right away, but I just wasn't ready to replace poor little Allie. I guess enough time has passed since then for me to feel ready to bring a new little furball into our life, cuz last week hubby took me to the pet store to see all the new kittens and I just fell head over heels in love with them all! Sadly though, they want an arm and a leg for a kitten...the same little kittens that are always offered for free in every paper you read! So hubby made a couple of phone calls and there we were Friday night, off to town to look at a kitty that needed a good home. I had it in my mind that I wanted a gray kitty with long hair and that is just what the man on the phone described to us. When we saw her, our hearts just melted! She is the sweetest little kitten ever! She did have some gray in her but it was mostly the fluff on her belly...the rest of her was like a chocolate brown colour! I LOVED it! So we scooped her up, brought her home and have been thouroughly enjoying every minute with her! Most of which is either playing, sleeping, or eating. The kids have given her the name Molly cuz she's just such a pretty girl, they wanted her to have a real girlie name. I've been trying for two days to get a good picture of her, but she really doesn't sit still long enough for you to take a good picture of her. I could take a million of her sleeping, but I really wanted a good one of her little eyes! So here are two photos of her, the best that I could do for now...I'm sure once she calms down a bit, it will get a little easier, but for now she's just our crazy little furball! I get tired just from watching her! She's even managed to find all the hiding spots for some of the dust bunnies around here...I thought I got them all but I guess I missed some! Oh well, at least she's a good colour for picking up the dirt and dust around here...LOL!
Our Little Miss. Molly trying to sit still!

And here she is trying to make a run for it!


Sherry from RKR said...

What a real cutie Molly is! I'm so glad you are happy with her. We have three cats and would be lost without them. Congratulations!

Sonya said...

Very cute little kitty. Made me think of Molly Brown.

pandasmom said...

She is the cutest! Congratulations!!