Friday, March 07, 2008

There is a HUGE overdue thank you in order for a wonderful gal! My friend Jan Hogan who belongs to Rachel's Knititng Room asked me for my mailing addie a while back, saying that she wanted to send me a little something to show her appreciation for all the things I do for our great group. Well, "a little something" turned out to be "a WHOLE LOT of something"!!! This girl is so very generous to send me all the yarn she did...I was so blown away by the size of the package when I picked it up from our Post Office! Thank you, thank you Jan!! This was such a beautiful gift full of some REALLY wonderful I just have to find the time to sit and knit something from all this beautiful yarn!
Big Hugs go out to you, Jan...You're a great gal!

Look at all this yummy yarn!!

And here is the beautiful little note card Jan sent with my parcel! What a sweetie!

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